"You must be the change you want to see in the world", Gandhi.

We manufacture with woods felled from sustainable forest trees, making the houses durable and attractive, ready to move into.

We use methods such as geothermal energy, solar panels and the collection of rain residual water, to make each Modular Box that we design more sustainable and less polluting.

Our mission is to regain our connection with nature, but in a modern way. The process of making a wooden house consumes the least amount of energy when comparing different construction methods, and they function as carbon sinks during their long life.


We work predominantly with wood, concrete, metal and glass. Matter is, for us, part of our language. For this reason, the finishes, textures, the care and the detail of union between them, are part of our maximum motivation in design. Our spaces are not only lived and looked at, they are also touched and felt.


We work outdoors with burned wood or Yakisugi technique, (yaki, means heating with fire and sugi, cypress), it is a method that the Japanese have used for more than four centuries to improve the durability of wood against humidity and give it a new look more beautiful.

We manufacture with the best materials, both outside and inside. We use steel to give stability, wood as an insulator that stores heat or cold, depending on the season of the year, and stone to cover the interiors in bathrooms and kitchens.

At the time of delivery, the wood pieces are already processed to a high degree of completion. It means that the assembly work on site is faster and more efficient.   

We manufacture single-family homes, ranches, hunting lodges, offices, hotels, in short, everything our clients may need.

A Homu Green house is made without saving time or effort, using top quality raw materials. We combine design and technology that help improve our planet.


In a world where social and economic life forces us to travel constantly, we propose a product that is easily transported, being able to move our Modular Box from one place to another.

We have created a home that accompanies us wherever we go.

Technical data. Quality Seals.

The energy saving capacity is higher than that of a traditional home. The facades, floors and roofs have the best thermal and acoustic insulation. Its design with ventilated air chambers favors the reduction of heating, hot water, cooling and ventilation consumption, with the consequent economic savings.

In addition, homes can passively adapt to different climatic situations, taking advantage of the use of bioclimatic parameters to achieve maximum energy savings and comfort.

When it comes to thermal and acoustic insulation, wood is an excellent material. It is about six times more efficient than brick, fifteen times more than concrete or stone, and four hundred times more than steel. Its low coefficient of conductivity is well below the coefficient of steel, reinforced concrete or brick, which means that we can obtain savings in heating and electricity of up to 50%.

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