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We live in a world of personalized solutions, where you want something tailored to you, that fits your needs, your dreams, your life. Because each of us is unique. Therefore, in Homu Green, you are the protagonist.

One of the biggest decisions of your life is where and how you want to live or work. The space, the distribution, the interior design, the colors, the furniture, the light ... all this will mark your life, and how you will live it. And only you know that ... and we, if you tell us. Tell us what you want and where you want it and we will design and build it for you.

Our process is very simple. We sit down, we get to know each other, we have a coffee and you tell us everything that is on your mind; everything that is not around you, but we can contribute ..., your budget, your area, plot, farm, your means ...

From that point and after defining the goal together, we get to work.

Shall we have
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